Squidfactor Data Policy

Gathering of personal data

SquidFactor offers a service to the user to prepare for aptitude tests. To adapt the service to the individual's learning style and make it as fruitful as possible for the user, SquidFactor gathers (except for name and e-mail) information about the user's type of education, position, industry, desired position and type of employer.


All communication between our servers and the user's computer is encryoted using SSL certificates.

Storage of data

All the data stored on our servers is encrypted. Data that is attributable to specific persons (like name, e-mail and phone number) is stored seperatly from the exercise results, which makes it difficult for any intruder to link results with an individual.

Sharing of data

SquidFactor never shares personal data to a third party.

User generated data such as exercise results can be shared with the purpose to improve the prestanda of the service (the individualization). All data that is shared is anonymized, meaning there's no possible way of connecting the data with a specific physical person.

Extract and deletion of User Personal Information

The user has the right to get an extract of the personal data SquidFactor has of the person. The user also has the right to at any moment in time demand that SquidFactor erases all personal data related to the user. At erasure, SquidFactor removes all personal information that makes it possible to identify a physical person, from both databases and backups, with the exception where legal requirements may demand storage of personal information (sucha as accounting). 

If you as a user would like to cancel your account or delete your User Personal Information, you may do so in your user profile or you may  contact SquidFactor support to request the erasure of the data, we process on the basis of consent within 30 days.

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