About Us

SquidFactor was created with a single thought in mind: to even out the odds at the labor market.

It's getting increasingly common to use aptitude tests in reqruitment and career assessments. We've seen it across all industries, and across all levels of employement - from truck drivers to CEOs in large companies. A large part of the applicants are sorted out in these tests, although many of them could do great at the workplace, and show that at an interview.

With SquidFactor's individually adapted service you can increase your ability to pass aptitude tests. It doesn't come free, and it doesn't come without an effort - but it's a small stake to reach the next level in your career, or simply increase the chance of reaching the job of your dreams.

SquidFactor makes a part of the studies for you. With an advanced algorithm SquidFactor chooses what you should work on, and at which difficulty level - based on what is most likely to increase your chances, compared to your previous results and compared to others in a similar situation. It's a truely indivudually adapted service and optimised learning solution.

Us, the people behind SquidFactor, is a group with experience from psykometrics, mathematics, datalogy and business management. We're old and young, experienced and beginners - and we're all excited about increasing your chances at the labor market!

Founder: Johan Ranstam

With a background from both finance and marketing, Johan Ranstam has always aimed to create connections and understanding connections. Founded SquidFactor in 2017 with Mario Löfendolk, after having discovered the possibilities of developing aptitude testing preparation in the hiring process of an advanced sales role in a company.

Mario Löfendolk

Mario has a background as a management consultant and positions as CEO from several companies, and has experienced many sides of the recruitment process. Tying it all toghether is problem solving and helping people move forward in their careers.

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