Improve your aptitude testing skills

Don't hesitate. Aptitude tests are becoming more and more common in recruitments, and the earlier you start practicing, the better the result.

What you get:
  • unlimited practice
  • individually adapted
  • practice on phone or computer
  • simulated tests and webinars - right now special price!

Individually adapted

Each person has unique conditions to improve their results, and they way to get there is spelled individually adapted learning. The flow is accessible to you no matter your time constraints, no matter how you'd like to practice: on the phone, on the computer or the tablet. Five minutes here and there or half a day. Even small efforts make improvements.

Better result - less stress

We help our users take the next step in their career - no matter if it's getting to the interview of your dream job or an internal assessment of career material. The help comes in two shapes - by making you more comfortable with aptitude testing, and by sharpening your results in the tests.


£26.99 £19.99

per month
  • Unlimited practice
  • Unique feedback mechanism
  • Practice on phone or computer
  • Follow your development over time
  • Flow of questions, feedback and tutorials that are adapted to your conditions, webinars to go through details
  • Prolonged monthly

Climb a common obstacle

To many, aptitude tests are a bothersome obstacle on the path to the dream job - or to any job. You know that if you can just reach the interview, you can shine by just being yourself - but way too often nerves, lack of experience of testing and bad luck are in the way. That's where SquidFactor helps out!

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